Covid-19: Jakarta im lock-down

Seit dem 10. April ist Jakarta im lock-down, hier PSBB (Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar – Soziale Einschränkungen in großem Mass) genannt. Das bedeutet, dass die Schulen und praktisch alle Geschäfte geschlossen sind, mit Ausnahme der Lebensmittelketten, Apotheken, Heimwerkermärkte(!). Wer kann, der arbeitet von zu Hause (wfh: working from home). Auf den Straßen, draußen, sind Gesichtsmasken […]

Zum Thema Greta Thunberg

Ich habe den Eindruck, ich sehe ein kleines Mädchen, das die Feuerwehr ruft, weil das Haus brennt. Daraufhin antwortet man ihr: dass sie viel zu jung sei, um erwachsenen Feuerwehrleuten zu sagen, was sie zu tun haben. dass es ja gar nicht ihre eigene Idee war, um Hilfe zu rufen, sondern dass ihr das jemand […]

Jakarta Photo Book

An alternative view of Jakarta, a black&white photo book with caption in English. Street photography from Jakarta and elsewhere in Indonesia. Published and printed (on demand) in Germany. Available in books shops all over Germany or worldwide (by courier).

Fat and Coconut Oil

The problem with coconut oil is at least two-fold: First, packaged coconut oil consists only of saturated fatty acids, secondly it is processed with hexane (a toxic solvent) and other organic solvents to remove unwanted color and flavor. So the conclusion was that unsaturated fats are “better”. This may be true for the oil in […]

About Birds, Sex – and why Failure is good for Business and Petroleum Exploration

In this paper, we will explain how biological systems and businesses are similar in the way they behave and evolve. We will then argue that a good measure of fuzziness, serendipity, uncertainty is beneficial for biological evolution and business. We will then discuss why serendipity (explained be­low) is an integral part of evolution. We will […]

Why it is so difficult to be Green

Practically everybody with a brain has understood that we all have to do something to save the environment (and the world), yet we don’t make enough effort. Why? Behaving environmentally responsible is not considered to be “cool”. Trying to get someone to avoid plastic bags is like telling your children to eat up their veggies […]

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle

Clean drinking Water is important, but it does not have to be packaged! The hot 2018 summer in Europe has taught us new things: People, traveling or going to work in the heat of the city refilled their own water bottles in public or commercial places. Now friendly cafés, shops, hotels and businesses are welcoming […]