I am appalled ‒ (Climate, part 1)

I am appalled by the comments and attitude of former colleagues, fellow geologists, geophysicists and other scientists. Based on their education, they should know better.

Wrong arguments, wrong conclusion:

  • One says he simply does not believe(!) that the planet is currently warming due to the emission of greenhouse gasses (CO2, methane, etc.). How did he make it through his exams? Did he tell his Prof »ah, I don’t believe in crystallography…« God have mercy on us when the creationist-believers (sic!) will teach paleontology and biostratigraphy.
  • Another one holds the opinion that CO2 is good for the world, because »it makes the trees grow«, not heeding the fact that the growth of plants is not limited by the carbon dioxide available, but by other parameters in their habitat, such as the lack of water.
  • Another group maintains the view that the earth has been warmer and colder at times in geological history and it »therefore« does not matter. – Wrong, it matters and it has mattered in the past. In the past, large taxonomic groups (the dinos as the most popular, but not the most important example) became extinct due to climatic changes. But this time, it is the question if all mankind will disappear forever (or not).
  • The worst are those who, against their better professional knowledge, lie and spread fake news (nowadays called »alternative facts«), because they have been paid, bribed to lie. Some follow their supervisor and replicate the company blurb against better knowledge. We also know that reputable science organizations have been bribed by the petroleum industry to negate man-induced global warming.

I am appalled by the blatant ignorance and stupidity of their arguments. »Why worry about global warming when this January was the coldest since …« These people are oblivious of the difference between weather and climate. These and relate to each other like lunch and nutrition.

Those people have no understanding about the effect of the jet-streams and ocean currents (Gulf Stream, Humboldt Current) on the temperature and rain distribution on the globe ‒ phenomena which are well researched and can be computer-modeled with good confidence.

Can you explain why there is a coastal desert in Namibia? Do you understand what El Niño means and why it happens? ‒ No? So, if you have no clue, for heaven’s sake, wise up or shut up! Seems that an hour on Google, reading up on conspiracies replaces a lifetime of studying meteorology. So much for the science.

And all those schmucks, who have been bribed to spread lies, turn back as long as it is time, I am appalled by your morals and professional conduct.