What’s in a Name?

The Females♀: Alycia, Beyoncée, Amanda, Mami Elsye, Siti Rosi-Rosita, Seroeni Lestari binti Birgitta (“Runele”), Irene-Ireng, Weißchen, Tina, Theresia, Aluya, Barbara. The Males ♂: Agus, Heino, Denzel, Bismarck, Mas Macho, Pattrick, Hanselmann, Kuntjoro, Nelson, Dede Charlie, Scabby, Paolo, Kriwil, Lurus, Wladimir, Trevor, Adalbert, DonCarlos(DC), Terminator. Tenor, Segej, Dirty Harry, Gilbert.. All these are names of cats […]

Cat with paranoid Disorder?

Heino is a nine-year-old, yellow, male, neutered cat. He (and his twin brother) has been with me from their very beginning. They are living together with three other cats in my house and garden. I believe, they are all healthy, happy and well fed. All the cats get along together well, there is no fighting […]