What’s in a Name?

  • Charlie, the cat

    The Females♀: Alycia, Beyoncée, Amanda, Mami Elsye, Siti Rosi-Rosita, Seroeni Lestari binti Birgitta (“Runele”), Irene-Ireng, Weißchen, Tina, Theresia, Aluya, Barbara.

  • The Males ♂: Agus, Heino, Denzel, Bismarck, Mas Macho, Pattrick, Hanselmann, Kuntjoro, Nelson, Dede Charlie, Scabby, Paolo, Kriwil, Lurus, Wladimir, Trevor, Adalbert, DonCarlos(DC), Terminator. Tenor, Segej, Dirty Harry, Gilbert..

All these are names of cats that are living with me or once have been living with me at some time.

After all, they say, the Internet has only been invented to share cat pictures and cat movies.

Siti Rosi-Rosita,the quiet cat