Why it is so difficult to be Green

Practically everybody with a brain has understood that we all have to do something to save the environment (and the world), yet we don’t make enough effort. Why? Behaving environmentally responsible is not considered to be “cool”. Trying to get someone to avoid plastic bags is like telling your children to eat up their veggies […]

BYOB – Bring Your Own Bottle

Clean drinking Water is important, but it does not have to be packaged! The hot 2018 summer in Europe has taught us new things: People, traveling or going to work in the heat of the city refilled their own water bottles in public or commercial places. Now friendly cafés, shops, hotels and businesses are welcoming […]

As a Tourist in Central Java – Dieng, Wonosobo, and other Places in Central Java

Central Java was and still is one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia, next to Bali. Over 200,000 tourists visited Borobudur in 2013. Therefore, it is so sad, so regrettable that things have gone from bad to worse. Here is my report (April 2018): The Dieng Plateau – Central Java In the 1980s, the […]

What’s in a Name?

The Females♀: Alycia, Beyoncée, Amanda, Mami Elsye, Siti Rosi-Rosita, Seroeni Lestari binti Birgitta (“Runele”), Irene-Ireng, Weißchen, Tina, Theresia, Aluya, Barbara. The Males ♂: Agus, Heino, Denzel, Bismarck, Mas Macho, Pattrick, Hanselmann, Kuntjoro, Nelson, Dede Charlie, Scabby, Paolo, Kriwil, Lurus, Wladimir, Trevor, Adalbert, DonCarlos(DC), Terminator. Tenor, Segej, Dirty Harry, Gilbert.. All these are names of cats […]

Writers’ Software and Writing Tools

Sometimes the software you have on your computer just does not cut it. For example, when you start writing a book, a novel, a thesis for your PhD or any other structured document. Sometime, you may want to collect ideas, snippets of information in a kind of a scrap book and sort out the proper […]

Vorwinterliches Fressen im November

NEIN!! Christstollen geht am keinsten, nicht jetzt. Christstollen dürfen korrekterweise erst ab dem 3 Dezember (erster Advent) verzehrt werden. Dabei ist es unerheblich, dass die ersten Stollen in diesem Jahr schon am 27. August in einem Supermarkt in Süddeutschland gesichtet wurden (berichtete Bayern-1 in einer redaktionellen Sondermeldung). Diese „frühen“ Stollen sind allerdings ganz und gar […]

Ein Kommentar zum G20 Gipfel in Hamburg, Juli 2017

Es wäre ja so schön, wenn aller Protest in dieser Welt friedlich, gewaltfrei und effektiv wäre. Wir denken dabei meist an den dürren Inder, der damals mit runder Nickelbrille und mit einfachen Baumwollkleidern herumsaß und die Engländer ärgert, und auf diese Weise – so die Überlieferung – sein Land, Indien, zur Selbstbestimmung führte und so […]

Cat with paranoid Disorder?

Heino is a nine-year-old, yellow, male, neutered cat. He (and his twin brother) has been with me from their very beginning. They are living together with three other cats in my house and garden. I believe, they are all healthy, happy and well fed. All the cats get along together well, there is no fighting […]